News Embracer Group acquires Eidos, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix Montreal

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It has been announced by Embracer Group this morning that they are to acquire Eidos, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix Montreal for $300 Million.

Eidos / Crystal Dynamics has been the developer of the Tomb Raider franchise, Deus Ex franchise and the newer Marvel's Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy Games.
Square Enix Montreal are the developers of the the 'GO' mobile games (Such as 'Tomb Raider GO').

Square Enix has announced that it will continue to be the publisher of the Just Cause, Outriders and Life is Strange franchise (Note, they do not own the studios that develops these games)


Embracer Group have been buying studios and companies in the last few years such as: Nordic Games (now, THQ Nordic), Coffee Stain Games (Satisfactory, Goat Simulator), Gearbox Software (Borderlands, Duke Nukem), Saber Interactive and even Dark Horse Comics.

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Feb 16, 2022
I'm kinda disappointed by this because it's clear that SQEX only wanted the IP's for profit and having only a handful of successful games.
And it's also clear the direction that SQEX is going in.

They are doubling down in the NFT and Blockchain space. Between this and the unsuccessful reception of the 2 Marvel Games, it's clear that Square Enix doesn't want to associate themselves with Eidos anymore.

SQEX could have easily gotten a lot more money for the Tomb Raider IP alone, but they sold it for a mere $300 million. Disappointing.